The S-Network and its Economical Potential

Johannes Viehmann 2019

Abstract: The S-Network is a platform for non-repudiation data. As a trustworthy repository, it combines long term data preservation in a computer network with legal regulations, e. g. for accessibility. Due to the concept of distributing responsibilities over mistrust parties there is no need to regard any single party or a majority to be in general trustworthy. The idea is to create mistrust against any manipulative cooperation attempts by actively testing the correct reporting behavior. Illegal content can be reversible restricted so that access is only granted if valid reasons are reliable registered. Using the concept of bidirectional dependable links in the S-Network – i. e. the S-Web – there are a lot of possibilities to solve problems with no need for any specialized network services. Hence there are no additional operational risk that are typically unavoidable with dependencies on additional services and their service providers.

The expected costs of the S-Network are lower than the possible benefits. The S-Network could have significant impact on business processes, organizations and entire industries. With the S-Web as a platform, alternative economic forms like LETSystms could overcome scaling and security issues. Jad economics is a new economic system using the currency Jad (Justification, Accounting, Destruction). Jad are not free transferable. Therefore the total amount of Jad is easy to control. Dependencies on credits are reduced. Certain types of financial crises can not occur. It offers perspectives for a more ecological economy and it might have advantages where no free trade works, e. g. with immaterial goods. Jad economics could be implemented using the S-Web. Anyone could decide to use Jad economics in parallel to money economics or to ignore it.

(The full text is currently only available in German.)